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Yup, it’s here! Today’s the official release date for OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK, the second Jain Lazarus Adventure. Hey, I’m not in this one, but it’s still a rollicking adventure, complete with mermaids, shape shifters, and demons!

We’re still waiting for Solstice Publishing to give us the buy link — it will be posted here and on the Jain Lazarus Website as soon as we get it.

In the meantime, enjoy some OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK!

Detective Wyatt East finds himself the primary suspect when hex breaker Jain Lazarus disappears after their romantic weekend in Vermont. In spite of the suspicions, Jain’s boss, Maitland Stiles, hires Wyatt to track her down, forcing him to face aspects of his own painful past and revealing more about hers.
Saddled with two rebellious runaway paranormal teens, he’s embroiled in a shapeshifter pack disagreement, and must learn to work with both a caustic dragon and a cantankerous mermaid to not only find Jain, but help her help an old friend who’s in over his head. Wyatt learns he is not without psychic abilities of his own, although he prefers old-fashioned detective work.

The desk was a beautiful, antique wooden one. Wyatt smiled. He remembered how, as a boy, he always wanted to find a secret compartment in a desk. He opened a drawer and ran his fingers under it, remembering the hours he spent at his grandparents’ house, fervently wishing one of their enormous old antiques would yield a secret.
His fingers found a switch. He pressed it, almost without thinking.

A panel slid out of the side of the desk, revealing an extra drawer. Wyatt pulled out the contents. There were several manila folders and a passport. He placed the folders on the desk and opened them. They were credit cards bills, but they were under the names of Ally Jensen, Beth Paige, and Carole Colley. Each credit card was paid off in full, with nearly $20,000 in open credit. There was also a passport. He flipped it open. The name on it was Beth Paige. The photo was Jain.

OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK releases today from Solstice Publishing:

HEX BREAKER, the first Jain Lazarus Adventure, is available digitally:

and in print:


Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve — the perfect time to download and read the FREE short story, “First Feet” — which coincidentally takes place on New Year’s Eve, and not-so-coincidentally features ME!

Happy New Year, all!


“First Feet” Free Download

First Feet Cover

Yeah, I totally suck. I’ve been a bad blogger!

But, hey, now there’s a free download of the Jain Lazarus story “First Feet.” It takes place on New Year’s. I’m in it — with my first experiences at the training facility in Scotland to which I went after the events in HEX BREAKER. Jain and Wyatt are in it, too, along with a mysterious First Footer who visits all of us.

For an excerpt and to download it, go here.

You can only get it until Jan. 2!

Merry Christmas!

It’s here! The cover for the second Jain Lazarus Adventure, OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK by the wonderful artist PJ Friel.

I’m not in this one, but hey, I’m not bitter. Much. 😉

Feeling European

I’m back from my vacation. It feels so European to take August off!

OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK is in edits — Devon’s working with the editor, who’s very enthusiastic about it, and the awesome PJ Friel is, once again, doing the cover art.

At the same time, Devon’s got the pedal to the metal to get CRAVE THE HUNT (which I think of as “my book”) done!

My short story ran into some technical difficulties, but it should be ready soon.

Looks like it’s going to be a sweet few months!

Sun, Sun, Sun . . .

. . .yeah, I don’t remember the rest of the lyrics.

But I’m on vacation this week, in preparation for MY short story’s release next week!

Today’s the last day to download “Town Crier”, the short-story tie in to HEX BREAKER, available here.

And get ready — if you visit the Author Roast and Toast on Friday, July 13 — yup, that’s Friday the 13th, my friends! — you’ll be able to get the next Jain Lazarus short story, “The Occasional Ghost” both free and early. It won’t be generally available until the following week.

The best part of “The Occasional Ghost”? It’s all about me! 😉 Yup, it deals with one of my first indie film gigs, while I was still in college, and something that should have indicted that maybe I was destined for the kind of adventures I wind up in during HEX BREAKER, and then further into Book 3, CRAVE THE HUNT.

What’s that? You haven’t bought HEX BREAKER yet? Why not! You can find the buy links here on Amazon Kindle and here on Solstice Publishing.

Hey, you need something to take your mind off the heat, so why not something set in the cool and creepy Maine woods? The Jain Lazarus short story, “Town Crier”, is available for free download here until July 9.

I mean, I’m not in it or anything, which kinda sucks, but it’s still a fun story. It takes place ten years before the events in HEX BREAKER; I didn’t even know Jain then.

There’s gonna be a short story all about ME coming up next — again, before Jain and I ever met, but hey, it’s about me. I don’t often get to be the center of anything, cuz I’m a supporting character.

But this piece, right now titled “The Occasional Ghost”, will be available first to the attendees of the Roast ‘N Toast on July 13 – don’t worry, there will be more information on THAT next week!

‘Till then — read “Town Crier” and start looking forward to MY story!

The website problems are finally fixed, and the Jain Lazarus short story “Town Crier” is finally available! I’m stoked.

You can read an excerpt here and then download the whole thing.

It’s only live until July 9, so don’t wait too long!

I’m even more stoked because we have a Zombie Disco Party over at Author Roast and Toast on Friday, July 13, and those who attend will have the chance to download — early — a free short story starring . . . me!

Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties delayed Friday’s release of “Town Crier”. I’ll update here as soon as it goes live.

I mean, even though I’m not in this one — heck, I was still in college when the events in the story took place — I still want to support it. Update soon!