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Yup, it’s here! Today’s the official release date for OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK, the second Jain Lazarus Adventure. Hey, I’m not in this one, but it’s still a rollicking adventure, complete with mermaids, shape shifters, and demons!

We’re still waiting for Solstice Publishing to give us the buy link — it will be posted here and on the Jain Lazarus Website as soon as we get it.

In the meantime, enjoy some OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK!

Detective Wyatt East finds himself the primary suspect when hex breaker Jain Lazarus disappears after their romantic weekend in Vermont. In spite of the suspicions, Jain’s boss, Maitland Stiles, hires Wyatt to track her down, forcing him to face aspects of his own painful past and revealing more about hers.
Saddled with two rebellious runaway paranormal teens, he’s embroiled in a shapeshifter pack disagreement, and must learn to work with both a caustic dragon and a cantankerous mermaid to not only find Jain, but help her help an old friend who’s in over his head. Wyatt learns he is not without psychic abilities of his own, although he prefers old-fashioned detective work.

The desk was a beautiful, antique wooden one. Wyatt smiled. He remembered how, as a boy, he always wanted to find a secret compartment in a desk. He opened a drawer and ran his fingers under it, remembering the hours he spent at his grandparents’ house, fervently wishing one of their enormous old antiques would yield a secret.
His fingers found a switch. He pressed it, almost without thinking.

A panel slid out of the side of the desk, revealing an extra drawer. Wyatt pulled out the contents. There were several manila folders and a passport. He placed the folders on the desk and opened them. They were credit cards bills, but they were under the names of Ally Jensen, Beth Paige, and Carole Colley. Each credit card was paid off in full, with nearly $20,000 in open credit. There was also a passport. He flipped it open. The name on it was Beth Paige. The photo was Jain.

OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK releases today from Solstice Publishing:

HEX BREAKER, the first Jain Lazarus Adventure, is available digitally:

and in print:

I’m thrilled — the book is out! We’re back in circulation!

Devon let me post this excerpt — it’s different than the ones in the press kit or on the Jain Lazarus website.

And, of course, if features ME!


Excerpt from HEX BREAKER (copyright protected):

Jain pushed the first button and the car was silent. The anterior car’s headlights filled the space.

“Clean up crew. I don’t like the sound of that,” muttered Billy.

“Nick, I need you to open the glove compartment.” Jain nodded in its direction.

“Okay.” He reached forward and popped it open.

“Run your hand along the top, inside. You’ll find a button. Press it.” She glanced at him. “You’ve played enough characters that use guns. You know how?”

“I’ve trained during research.”


Nick found the button, pushed it, and a compartment dropped down, revealing a gun. “This looks different.”

“Modified,” Jain responded. There wasn’t time for a weapons lecture. She just needed a little more time, get them set up to even the odds.

“To do what?” asked Billy.

“To work against things that aren’t human.”

“Um, I hate to break more bad news, but there’s more than one car behind us.”

“It’s only surprising it took them this long.”

“Shouldn’t you call that detective guy?”

“I’d like to leave him out of it, if possible.”

Nick glanced at Jain. “He’ll be pissed.”

“But he won’t be dead.”

“Yeah, but will we be dead?” Billy asked.

“Not if I have anything to say about it.”

“I hope you have a lot to say. Can this little car go fast enough?”


“You know you get kinda monosyllabic and terse when our lives are in danger?”

“Heard that rumor.” Jain glanced ahead, behind, and ahead again.

“‘Modifications’ has five syllables,” Nick pointed out.

Headlights flashed, coming toward them. Jain accelerated into the beam.

“Um, I think you’re on a collision course.”

“Didn’t you ever play chicken?”

“Not in cars,” Billy retorted.

“I was the number one chicken player in my state growing up, just as soon as I got my license.” The car’s engine roared as Jain pressed harder on the accelerator. The oncoming car began honking and the car behind dropped back slightly.

“They want to make sure one of them can run us off the road,” said Nick.

“Yep. And maybe by now they’ve figured I’m crazy and they also don’t want to end up hitting each other.”

“When do I use the gun?”

“Not in the car, if you can help it, and not with the windows rolled up. If we need it, wait until we’re in the open and you get a clear shot.”

“What am I shooting at?”

“Anything out of those cars that seems like a threat. Not anything coming in from somewhere else.”

“Don’t I get a weapon?” Billy asked.

“I’ve got an extra knife if you want,” Jain replied, “but you have to be pretty close for it to be effective.”

“We’re going to hit him!” Billy yelped, as the oncoming headlights filled the windshield. He ducked down in the backseat.


Jain Lazarus website here.

Amazon Kindle link here.

Solstice Publishing downloading link here.