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In other words, I’m not posting today. I’m off doin’ stuff! 😉

Actors Filling Time

Actors like to work a lot, but most of us aren’t lucky enough to move from job to job. We get a lot of down time. So, what do we do?

Audition. Like crazy. If we’re lucky enough to have an agent, we tell our agent to send us out on anything remotely worth while. If we don’t, we scan the trades and look for projects to which to submit our resumes, or open casting calls.

We take classes. You can always be better, right? Taking classes helps us get to the heart and soul of the work. We take acting classes, but if we’re weak at singing or dancing — those classes help, too. The actors who work the most art Triple Threats – which means they can act, sing, and dance, and they’re GOOD at all three. Most of us are better at one thing than another. I can act, but I’m a lousy dancer and I’m a nervous singer. So when I’ve got time, I try to work with coaches or take classes for both.

Some of us create projects. If you’re not landing the kind of role you want, create your own. Surround yourself with people who are excited about it, and go indie. If you can afford to work for free, you can sometimes find, land, or create a good project to put you on the map. You don’t want to work too often for free, or people start thinking you aren’t worth paying.

Of course, in my case, I’m also waiting for Devon to write more stuff for me!

What If?

Yeah, I didn’t blog last Monday. My bad (don’t tell Devon I said that — she HATES that expression).

What if?

Isn’t that the question writers and actors and painters and all other types of artists ask when they get an idea? What IF . . . .and then they explore it, and try to make the audience experience it in a new way.

Last week was about the what if — for me (for once, but hey, I’m a supporting character, so it’s rarely about me, says Bitter, Party of One) — what IF, before I got cast in the movie that’s the backdrop of HEX BREAKER, back when I was working on something else, WHAT IF — there was a glimmer of what was to come?

Tune in next week to find out more! 😉